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Get leads from day 1.


one Trick Pony

Facebook and social media ad “companies” have popped up everywhere. They promise you incredible, instant results. But they’ve been marketing for less than 6 months. Social media ads are the best medium right now to get your company attention and leads. We take years of marketing experience and results to drive your social media ads. And when those ads fizzle out (and they will), we can lead you into the 
next thing to build your business.

Kansas City Social Media Ads.

Get Real Results.

Increase Conversion Rates

What is a lot of clicks without any new leads, clients, and customers? 

We not only deliver marketing that gets their attention, we help you with the process to actually convert. 

Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is when someone clicks to go to your page, and then it’s not relevant. So they bounce. Knowing your audience and customizing each landing page, decreases that rate.

Drive More Traffic

Even with high conversions, we still want to maximize traffic. We help you not only through our own services, but we teach you how to create your own posting habits to increase traffic and engagement.

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!


As a restaurateur, my attention being consistently pulled in multiple directions is only matched by my need to attract the attention of getting guests through my doors. With the highly competitive nature of my industry, it is imperative to maximize those efforts in presenting our brand through marketing.

Flipside Consulting gets it! That’s not only “getting it” in terms of ideologies, but “getting” results through “getting” the job done. I highly recommend trusting this team with your time, dollars, and vision.

Kirt Earhart

Proprieter, Maxine's on Shine

Since Flipside began work on my website and marketing campaign I’ve found them responsive and professional, and I couldn’t be happier with my website.  I’ve been able to release this responsibility to Flipside and focus on producing quality work for my clients.

Mike Dear


Luke’s ability to handle the complex and complete oversight of the entire firm’s marketing and development including branding, a complete online presence, marketing strategy and implementation. . . is unparalleled.

Robert Harding

Founding Partner