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If you’re tired of being lost in the SEO wilderness, Flipside Marketing is your map, your compass, and your trusty guide. We’ll help your site take off into the stratusphere of search engine visibility.


SEO Audit

Flipside Marketing’s SEO website audit is no cursory glance. We dive deep, delving into every nook and cranny of your online presence, including competitor keywords and content, to identify obstacles and opportunities.

SEO Research

Armed with your website audit, Flipside’s SEO experts identify high-value keywords with low competition and low cost. Our SEO research reveals the keywords that resonate with your ideal customers, driving qualified traffic and conversions.

SEO Wizardry

Every page becomes a breathtaking vista, crafted with captivating titles, meta descriptions, and content that speaks directly to your audience’s needs. Flipside’s wizards weave SEO magic into your website, ensuring search engines rank your true value.

SEO website audit

  • On-page SEO: Are your titles and meta descriptions captivating? Is your content optimized for relevant keywords? Do your images have proper alt text?
  • Technical SEO: Does your website load like a flash or a molasses drip? Is it mobile-friendly? Can search engine crawlers navigate your site with ease?
  • Off-page SEO: How strong is your backlink profile? Are you building relationships with other relevant websites? Is your brand buzzing on social media?
SEO Website Audit Services
SEO Website Rankings
SEO Keyword Research Services

SEO research services

Flipside’s research paints a vibrant picture of your target audience, revealing their demographics, online habits, and even their deepest SEO pain points. This data-driven empathy fuels powerful content creation strategies, ensuring your website speaks directly to your audience’s needs and desires. Think blog posts that answer their burning questions and landing pages that resonate with their online journey.

Our research isn’t a one-time treasure hunt. We continuously monitor trends, competitor strategies, and algorithm updates, ensuring your SEO map stays fresh and relevant.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Imagine your website, a rickety aircraft sputtering amidst a sea of competitors, desperate to break into the digital stratosphere. SEO is the fuel it craves, but how do you navigate the algorithms and snag a coveted landing spot on the first page of Google?

With Flipside at your side, your website won’t just reach cruising altitude— it will soar past the competition. Organic traffic will flood in like passengers boarding a first-class flight, conversions will skyrocket, and your brand will dominate the digital skies.

So, ditch the sputtering engine of generic SEO tactics and trust us to pilot your website to online dominance.

KC SEO Services Before

Before Flipside

KC SEO Company

12 Months with Flipside | 30% increase

Our Work

The challenges met and the results we’ve provided our clients.

Who We Work With

Businesses with a growth mindset wanting to start strong or scale up.  


You have the product or service. Now it's time to launch and help your clients discover you quickly.

Local Businesses

We love buying local and so do a whole mess of people in your area. We help them find you.

Established Brands

You've been around, but now it's time to scale up. We provide full marketing services or just outside counsel.

E-Commerce Brands

Full online design, social, and advertising to drive traffic and purchases.

Professional Services

Where we started. Building practices for attorneys, doctors, and other professional services.

Membership Sites

We design, build, and grow memberships for everyone from personal brands to international firms.


As a restaurateur, my attention being consistently pulled in multiple directions is only matched by my need to attract the attention of getting guests through my doors. With the highly competitive nature of my industry, it is imperative to maximize those efforts in presenting our brand through marketing.

Flipside Consulting gets it! That’s not only “getting it” in terms of ideologies, but “getting” results through “getting” the job done. I highly recommend trusting this team with your time, dollars, and vision.

Kirt Earhart

Proprietor, Maxine's on Shine

Since Flipside began work on my website and marketing campaign I’ve found them responsive and professional, and I couldn’t be happier with my website. I’ve been able to release this responsibility to Flipside and focus on producing quality work for my clients.

Mike Dear

Founding Partner, Dear Law Firm

Flipside’s ability to handle the complex and complete oversight of the entire firm’s marketing and development including branding, a complete online presence, marketing strategy and implementation. . . is unparalleled.

Robert Harding

Founding Partner

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